Ramfos Ilikokeramiki

Since 1977

About Us

Ramfos Ilikokeramiki S.A. was founded by Markos and Georgia Ramfos in 1989. Markos Ramfos and Georgia Ramfos entered the business world with two individual companies. The first venture was a cottage ceramic industry, founded in 1977, the other, established the same year, was aimed at importing and distributing raw materials and equipment for ceramic terracotta production. During the year 2011 our company changed it?s composition from SA to GP and it?s name became Ramfos G. & Co G.P. and with title Ramfos Ilikokeramiki.

Our company is the official Greek distributor of Italian company Colorobbia since 1979, and American kilns manufacturer Skutt since 1978. We cooperate with a lot of companies such as Nabertherm, Goerg & Schneider, Valentine Clays, Commercial Clay, Potclays, Kemper, Botz, Setec and a few more to import machinery, clays, tools and colours. We are also cooperating with foreign companies importing and selling used machinery.

In 2002 our company expanded its interests in the area of glass art, with the fusing technique. Starting slowly at first, since this was a whole new frontier for us, we managed to gain a good portion of the market. We continue to enrich our product catalogue with new items in a never ending effort to satisfy our clients.

Today our company is well known around the country with an extensive clientele base in the ceramics field. The scope of our business is import and trade of ceramic raw materials and glass and equipment (new and used).

Ramfos Ilikokeramiki – Ramfou G.& Co G.P.
5 Patera Simona St. 14123 Likovrisi, Athens
Tel.: 210 2841184, 210 2831135 / FAX. 210 2824543
e-mail: info@ramfos.gr